La Fable d’OxA 21965 (2019)

Collaboration with Nicolas Lapointe

Single-channel video with sound, 16:9, 6 min 36 seconds


La Fable d’OxA 21965 considers material culture within the context of geological (or deep) time. Evoking at once an architectural frieze and an archaeological timeline, this looping video work surveys a computer-generated virtual landscape comprised of 3D scanned artifacts and architecture from the Girona province. Featuring sites with a rich, cultural significance---from the Coves Prehistòriques de Serinyà to the archway of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona---the video stitches together these 3D models into a palimpsest of human-geological relations. At the same time,  the environment is populated with some of the less romantic signifiers of our geological legacy: trash. Fossilized water bottles, cell phones, and selfie sticks pepper the landscape, complicating our relationship to the earth and its resources. Reflecting on the immense ecological (and geological) pressures of tourism specifically (and contemporary life, more broadly), La Fable d’OxA 21965 imagines future fossils of the digital age, and places them on equal footing with the architectural wonders of civilizations past. In this distant future, the artists themselves masquerade in Hazmat suits, scouring the landscape in vain for some unknown (or perhaps, unattainable) material. 


This work was produced during a two-month residency in Girona, Catalonia, supported by the Bòlit centre d'art contemporani and the Québec-based artist-run centre, La Chambre Blanche. Through computer-generated video, La Fable d'OxA 21965 explores the intersections between geology, technology, and time.

Thank you to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts for their support.