2017                MFA Candidate, Sculpture, Concordia University, Montréal, QC

2015                Bachelor of Fine Arts, Highest Honours, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2012                Certificate in Introduction to Fine Art, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON

2011                Bachelor of Religious Studies and Art History, Highest Honours, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON





2017                Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship

2017                Concordia Merit Scholarship

2017                Concordia Special Entrance Scholarship

2016                Sparkbox Residency Award

2015                Artengine Award for Excellence in New Media

2015                Faculty Plaque in Visual Arts

2014                Jacqueline Fry Scholarship

2013                Joseph-Marie Quirion Scholarship

2012                Recognition in Achievement for Academic Performance

2011                Governor General’s Academic Medal

2007 – 2011    Full Admission Scholarship

2010                L.D. Burnett Memorial Scholarship

2009                William and Mary Iwasaki Memorial Scholarship



2018                void loop (), City Hall Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON (upcoming)

                        no-fluke/no-feed/no-swim/no-play/no-fun, Xpace, Toronto, ON (upcoming)

2017                no-fluke/no-feed/no-swim/no-play/no-fun, Untitled Art Society, Calgary, AB

2016                beyond différance, and now, Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg, MN

2015                between différance, and now, Studio 66, Ottawa, ON





2018                Ritualia, Modern Fuel, Kingston, ON (upcoming)                      

2017                Encan numérique, Galerie Galerie at Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC

                        Bunker 2 Fundraiser, Bunker 2, Tough Guy Mountain, Toronto, ON

                        Desire Lines, Art Spin, Toronto, ON

                        Bubbling Universes, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil           

                        The Readable City, Angell Gallery, Toronto, ON                    

                        Resolution 2017, SAW Video, Ottawa, ON

2016                Tombo-Lab, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC

                        Ghost Stories, Xpace, Toronto, ON

                        The Sky Is Also a Map, Inter/Access, Toronto, ON

  Equinox, Never Apart, Espace Reunion, Montréal, QC

                        C LA VIE, Galerie Galerie, Online

                        Away from Keyboard, Gham et Dafe, Montréal, QC

                        Art Hack Day, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC

                        Interested in others, Forest City Gallery, London, ON

                        Terraforming, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON

                        Pixels Ephèmeres, Hôtel de Ville de Montréal, Montréal, QC

2015                There Should Be Gardens, Inter/Access, Toronto, ON

                        3 Défis en un ordre, Coalesce Performance Festival, PDA Projects, Ottawa, ON

                        Randonnée en Cinq Parties, Espace Projet, Montréal, QC

                        MADE, Artengine Maker Faire, Ottawa, ON

                        until ____, but for how long, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON

                        XXV, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

                        The City is a Technology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2014                Sanctum, Featuring Nick Cave, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, ON                                                      

                        Jacqueline Fry Finalist Exhibition, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON




2016 - 2017     Development Coordinator, Helios Makerspace, Montréal, QC

                        Technical Assistant, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC

                        Event Assistant, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, QC

2015                Electronics Workshop Facilitator, Espace Projet, Montréal, QC

                        Studio Assistant, Gavin Lynch, Ottawa, ON

                        Performance Workshop Coordinator, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2014 – 2015    Sculpture Studio Technician, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

                        Director, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON

                        Coordinator of the Ottawa U Performance Club, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2014                Studio Assistant, Professor Jennifer Macklem, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2013 – 2014    Gallery Manager, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON

2013                Studio Assistant, Professor Catherine Richards, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

2012                Gallery Assistant, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2010                Student Curator of Inuit Art, Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON



2016               Travel Grant to Media Arts Professionals, Canada Council for the Arts




University of Ottawa

Private collections




2017                Sparkbox Residency, Picton, ON

2016                Cottage Creative Residency, Luskville, QC

2015                MADE Residency, Artengine, Ottawa, ON

2015                Aux alentours et en passant…, Espace Projet, Montréal, QC




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2015                Artist Discussion with Magali Babin. Espace Projet. 12 July 2015. Montréal, QC.


  Artist Talk with Ryan Stec. between différance and now. Studio 66. June 25, 2015. Ottawa, ON.

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