D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-Demons)

Anna Eyler + Nicolas Lapointe

Place Publique 2020

Fonderie Darling

745 Ottawa St, Montreal, Quebec H3C 1R8

D.o.t.T.D is an augmented reality installation that reflects on humanity's quest for meaning in the face of technological uncertainty. By bringing together nostalgia and humour in equal measure, D.o.t.T.D hyperbolizes the relationship between consumption, technology and anxiety. Drawing on the epicurean philosophy of ancient Greece, this book asks us to consider the creative capacity of uncertainty, while exploring the ambivalent nature of technology.


The installation consists of a mobile food cart located in front the the Fonderie Darling in Montreal, QC. Participants are invited to download an application to their mobile devices, through which they can activate an augmented reality experience. Once the application is installed, they will be invited to scan the hot dog on the cart, which will provide a personalized prognostication on their mobile screen. Ranging from the sincere to the absurd, these fortunes are both meditations on collective anguish and speculations on our common future. Both strange and seductive, these prophetic hot dogs playfully suggest new strategies for intimacy with our digital loved ones.


Taking the notion of feedback+feedback literally and figuratively, D.o.t.T.D envisions many loops operating simultaneously: between artists and participants; participants and hotdogs; and hotdogs and their virtual kin. By inviting participants to consume their own virtual prophecies, the artists wonder how we can get closer to the digital divine, while recognizing the ephemeral union inherent in all consumption.


The hot dog cart will remain onsite from July 16, 2020 -  to October 31st. On three occasions, the cart will be activated by the artists, who will serve "real" hot dogs to participants. We will have fake hot dogs on the cart that will allow visitors to trigger a fortune (using Unity + Vuforia).



Welcome to D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-demons) ! 

Unique applications exist for both Android and iOS. Please use the QR code located on the hot dog cart to download the application. Once downloaded, please use the hot dog on the cart to trigger an augmented reality fortune.

To activate this site-specific, augmented reality (AR) application, you are invited to visit the hot dog cart at: 

Fonderie Darling
745 Ottawa St, 
Montreal, Quebec H3C 1R8 

Aim your phone camera at the hot dog surrounded by pink moths to trigger a digital fortune!
Be advised: techno-demons will briefly be in control of your phone's camera.


For any technical questions, please contact the artists at annajeyler@gmail.com or nlapo058@gmail.com