oeil | lieo (in the garden) (2019)

Single-channel video, 16:9, 7 minutes 57 seconds

Sound by Nicolas Lapointe


Since the Industrial Revolution, our relationship with the earth has become increasingly mediated by technologies of visualisation, sonification, classification, mapping, and simulation. At the same time, it is the materials of the earth that have facilitated these technological developments. The earth may therefore be understood as a communicative object itself, providing the minerals essential for contemporary digital technologies. But is this all that the earth says? Are there other stories buried beneath the surface? Drawing on the visual vocabularies of both side-scrolling games and early animation cinema, oeil | lieo conflates the architectural and the geological to question our relationship to the natural world. Hovering between figuration and abstraction, rocks surface from behind technicolour panels, only to be pulled apart as they dissolve into two-dimensional forms. Channels of fire smoke emerge and dissipate from a hypnotic merry-go-round of rectilinear shapes. By embedding volatile, organic forms within rigid architectural structures, oeil | lieo asks us to consider the material realities underlying contemporary life.