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oeil | lieo - a subterranean fiction (2019)

VR environment with touch controllers, ambient soundscape | 7 minutes 01 seconds


Since the Industrial Revolution, our relationship with the earth has become increasingly mediated by technologies of visualisation, sonification, classification, mapping, and simulation. At the same time, it is the materials of the earth that have facilitated these technological developments. The earth may therefore be understood as a communicative object itself, providing the minerals essential for contemporary digital technologies. But is this all that the earth says? Are there other stories buried beneath the surface? 

oeil | lieo - a subterranean fiction is a VR environment existing somewhere between a subterranean cave and the interior of a body. Cyborgian satellites populate the environment, sending out signals into the void. Participants slowly glide through the space equipped with a haptic dowsing rod, which vibrates periodically, confirming the presence of the resources that remain forever just out of reach.